48-Inch Hand Rope Chainsaw Kit

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⭐ Won’t Stuck In The Tree
⭐ Save Hundreds of Dollars on Tree Service
⭐ Complete High Limb Kit with Blade Sharpener, Ropes, Throwing Weight Pouch, and Extra Handles
⭐ Cut Big Tree Branches
⭐ Buy This Kit with an Extra 48-Inch Chainsaw or 72-Inch Chainsaw

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Hand Rope Chainsaw Desc

Hand Rope Chainsaw Features

The Kutir High Limb Hand Chainsaw

This is the only high-limb hand chainsaw you’ll ever need. It’s also the most compact and lightweight. It features a patented 48-inch high carbon steel Bimetallic chain blade designed to wrap around tree limbs and cut them off as it is drawn back and forth.

Purchase ropes and a throwing weight separately. Toss the weighted end of the rope over the limb, pull the blade up into position, and then pull back and forth on each control rope. The 48-inch blade is suited for big cutting jobs, limbs as large as 14 inches or greater in diameter.

KUTIR Hand Chain Saws are built to last with high-quality Heat Treated Carbon Steel Teeth and a blade sharpener to keep them in tip-top condition. A throwing weight on one rope end is for tossing over the limb to start the cut.

– With 48-inch blades comes complete with two 25-foot-long control ropes and safety throwing weight and is suited for cutting tree branches up to 14 to 16 inches in diameter. – Cut high limbs safely and easily from the ground. – Cut limbs 25 feet, or add more rope for higher cuts.


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